Businesses have an ethics code. Cultures have one too. International business discusses the expectations for business and cultural conduct. If needed, please use the book “195” (LINK) for reference. 

Application Process

  1. Read the guidelines carefully before proceeding with the application process.
  2. You can apply for the exam through “Apply now” option provided
  3. You are strictly advised to take a note of username and password you have given in the examination to access the test anytime in the 48 hours after payment
  4. Prepare the following details for the application: a. Full name(legal name needed in case of certification) b. Contact information (email address, phone number, Address) c. Educational background d. Work experience (if applicable) e. Copy of transcript/ degree, certificates or diploma f. Statement of where the certificate (of this college) is to be used g. A detailed curriculum vitae or bio data e. Passport sized photo with name and signature on back
  5. Fill out the online application form with accurate and up-to-date information, provided details before submitting the application as it will be reviewed by the committee
  6. You are advised to go through terms and conditions of the exam and agree by checking the appropriate box and submit it
  7. Later you will be directed to the payment page, You need to pay a non-refundable application fee of $99 for determination of eligibility. Payment must be made in USA dollars, payable to: “AICACC” inorder to access the test
  8. Pay the application fee securely through the designated Stripe payment gateway.
  9. Once the payment was successful, you will have 48 hours to attempt the test with one retry.

Application Review

  1. The committee will thoroughly review your application for accuracy and legitimacy.
  2. It is important to provide truthful and accurate information, including school details, your name, and submitted certificates.
  3. Please be aware that if any violations or fraudulent activity, such as misrepresentation of school, name, or certificates, are discovered in your application, the following actions will be taken: a. The identified violations will be documented and assessed. b. If the committee determines that there are substantial violations, your certificate may be confiscated.
  4. To ensure a fair review process, please double-check all information provided in the application and make sure it is truthful and verifiable.

Step 3: Test Access

  1. You can access the test anytime through “Access now” button at the end of this page by logging in with the username and password details of your application
  2. Once you login successfully ,You will be directed to the test page where you can make use of your attempts

Step 4: Test Evaluation and Certification

  1. After submission the test , your answers will evaluated and the result will be generated
  2. If you achieve a minimum accuracy of 75%, you will qualify for the certificate.
  3. If you do not meet the minimum accuracy requirement, you there an attempt left you can reattempt or else apply with new application again
  4. Upon passing the test, you will receive a certificate of completion on the result page.
  5. Download the certificate from the result tab for future reference and to provide proof of your accomplishment.
  6. You need to download from the result tab, if you fail to do it you might loose the chance of accessing the certificate

Important :

  1. Access to the test is granted upon a one-time payment, which will expire in 48 hours from the time of purchase.
  2. Once the payment expires, access to the test will be permanently revoked through this application, You cannot access the exam in that case even through payment.
  3. Renewal of the payment is not accepted, We are not responsible for the payment in this case as we already instructed it is non-refundable
  4. If you wish to retake the exam, you will need to reapply using a new username and password. Also in login page need to logout the previous account and login again.
  5. Please note that the same conditions for access and expiration apply to this application as well.